Tart タルト

Egg tart エッグタルト 人気No.1


We use copious amounts of fresh eggs from Shiraoi and fresh cream from Hokkaido. It is our shop’s most popular product.

Pear tart 洋梨のタルト


This tart is packed full of almond cream that offers a spectacular harmony with the texture and refreshing taste of the pear.

Orange tart オレンジタルト


This tart uses almond cream infused with orange peel, resulting in a refreshing taste that can be enjoyed even by those who are not fond of sweets.

Apricot tart アンズタルト


The natural acidity of the apricot provides a wonderful boost to the delicious flavor profile of the tart.

Quiches キッシュ


Quiche with shrimp and cod roe from Shiraoi


Shiraoi (Kojohama) cod roe is known nationwide for its delicious flavor, and serves as the base for this quiche; it is also packed full of shrimp and spinach.


“Incan Awakening” quiche with Shiraoi beef and dried tomato


This quiche uses Shiraoi beef, which is known nationally for its top-notch quality, dried tomatoes, and the type of potato known as “Inca no mezame,” or “Incan Awakening,” which are produced in Hokkaido and are currently very popular.

Seasonal quiche 季節のキッシュ


We offer a season-exclusive quiche that uses ingredients produced in Shiraoi and elsewhere in Hokkaido.

Baked Sweets 焼き菓子

Florentines フロランティーヌ


As you can see in the picture, we wrap a thick layer of sliced almonds in delicious caramel.

Chocolate Brownie チョコレートブラウニー

Financier フィナンシェ


We use hefty amounts of almond powder and butter and let them rest for a while before baking.  Truly a sophisticated taste!

Apple pie アップルパイ

Scoop cake スコップケーキ

Soft-serve ice cream ソフトクリーム

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